The Best Way To Learn R Programming Practically

In last September i already started learn R programming by reading textbook related with R programming, some times it feels bored, every single page i only read a lot of theory and description instead. I realize R is a great programming for statistical use, and in fact, statistics class is one of my favorite class when i was a student in a college, i just imagine if i could found a practical R tutorial, that will be fun.

After took R programming in Coursera class, i found a great library for illustrating some concepts in R, it’s called Swirl, with swirl i can learn interactively and give me an opportunity to be completely immersed in an authentic R programming environment, and it’s cool!

Install Swirl

Because swirl is an R package, i can easily install it by typing command in R console


and check swirl package version by typing


To load swirl library by using


then start swirl and complete the lesson with typing following


Swirl will ask our name and give course choices, when i pick R programming course, it will show 15 lessons, all are interactive lessons. All lessons really make me enjoy dig in R programming and give me fast understanding about R programming paradigm.


And the best happiness i found in swirl is it will ALWAYS be free and open source, i planned will contribute in swirl when i finished R programming course.

Thank you swirl and the team behind!

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